The city of Salesh is far removed from the rest of the known world of Vernlarum. The Shamble Salesh gleams day and night with an inner light that shines through her crystalline carapace. Her sharp angles look dangerous to touch, and the whole crystalline structure seems alien. Atop her back gleams a city of crystal and glass.

The people of Salesh are a peaceful, accepting, and meditative lot. Though they have their wants and desires, they seem to worry about them less than anyone else in Vernlarum. Some strive to free themselves from all want or need, though that is not the way of all Saleshi.

If psionic or mystic classes or races have a home in Vernlarum, it is here. If people from other cities wish to learn how to use these different types of power, Salesh is the heart of learning for those mystical powers.

Shamble Salesh

Acolytes and warlocks agree—Shamble Salesh doesn't project emotions in the same way as the other Shambles. All they hear from her is a distant, low rumble. Saleshi smile at this revelation, as they claim that is the sound of existence and all meaning is encapsulated in it. Most acolytes, instead of meditating on the sound as the mystics suggest, shake their heads and try to listen harder.

Salesh's movements are fairly normal, as these things go. Warlocks who have studied her closely, though, find them a bit too normal—she moves at an average pace, she stops and average number of times per year, and her route at least gives the impression it can be learned.

Salesh's magic strengthens and empowers crystal and glass. Weapons and armor forged from crystal on Salesh are as good, if not better, than steel.

City of Salesh


The gurus who run the city government do their best to stay out of the politics between the other cities. When asked, they will not even claim a diplomatic position of neutral, as that implies they stand between sides in a given dispute.

Not everyone on Salesh is a mystic. The best crystal and glass artisans in the known world work here, and their creations are treasured by all who see them. But any time, day or night, even non-mystics might be caught humming a tone that they claim is the noise of Salesh and, therefore, existence.

Ealam is a psion, and he believes all of Vernlarum would be better if the people could learn to understand existence through Salesh. He wants to go out into the world and establish temples in the other cities to spread peace and understand through meditation. He doesn't know where to start and would be grateful for some assistance. There's also the small matter of some debt Elam owes to a powerful trader in Andath who might believe Ealam is responsible for a lost shipment of food. In his first trip away from Salesh, Elam was naive to the ways of the world, and he admits those men who needed his help were probably Raiders and not simply unfortunate souls in need of food.