City of Andath (pt 2)


Below is not a comprehensive list of noble houses in Andath. This is merely three of the important houses. As time permits, I will add more houses to the list.

House Sangal

There are not, in any official capacity, “great” or “lesser” houses in Andath. If there were, House Sangal would be at the top of the list of great houses. The House Sangal crows grace almost half of all caravans that flow into or out of Andath. Their house is built on trade contracts that help goods flow all over Vernlarum. Because of the house’s financial clout, the Sanctum pays careful attention to Sanctor Drancent Sangal, the head of the house.

Drancent is a thin, hard man who has worked hard to build his house, and he intends to ensure the house continues in its high station for years. He regrets some of the political moves he has had to make, and often offers apologies to houses for the contracts he has won from them. But the other houses have learned his apologizes don’t mean he will stop using every tool he can to better his house.

House Mera

The other house that could lay claim to “great” status is House Mera. The Mera wyvern stamp can be found on almost as many goods as the Sangal crow. And house Mera hates the comparison. The whole house is angered by the rise of house Sangal over their lifetime. A generation ago, Mera was the greatest house in Andath, and they dislike all unfavorable comparisons to Sangal.

Sanctor Sybel Mera has recently ascended to the position. She has declared her father, Adun, as ill and no longer able to serve as Sanctor. Few has seen Adun since this declaration, and speculation and gossip has held any number of reasons for his disappearance from his murder for his failings to a degenerative disease. More outlandish ideas have been floated as well, some say Adun traded himself to dark powers for an increased position for the house.

Whatever the cause of Adun’s lessened public role, Sybel is a relative unknown as a Sanctor, but she already has a reputation for being a hard-nosed, no-nonsense business woman. People expect her to provide House Sangal a strong challenge for dominance.

House Emvor

House Emvor, headed by Sanctor Duncan Emvor, is a well regarded, if not wealthy house. Sanctor Emvor has earned a reputation for being fair-minded and listening to the desires of the people. He regularly votes against the majority of the Sanctum on matters he sees as social justice. Their sigil, hounds, are frequently seen on commoners who have no house affiliation, but wish to show their support.

Sanctor’s political stances have left him in difficult social and economic straits. The other houses tend to keep Emvor at a distance—Sangal and Mera because they dislike his politics; the rest because they do not wish to be snubbed by the larger houses for associating with Emvor. Sangal and Mera have interfered with some of Emvor’s most important trade contracts with Thonk and Gaena, and the house coffers are thinning. Sanctum Emvor has not made any public denunciations of the great houses, but those who know him see the burden he wears in his slumping shoulders and rapidly greying hair.