Shamble Tagot


Shamble Tagot is an odd assortment of materials—wood, bone, flesh, stone, steel, and clay. All of his materials are all mixed up, and he looks rather like a mobile junk heap. A mobile junk heap that is slowly slamming his way through a mountain range.

More than a generation ago, Tagot stopped his wanderings before the Mountains of Sorrow. As the story goes, for days he faced the mountains without moving. He had always been fairly erratic before, so the people who lived in the city of Tagot thought nothing of it. Until Tagot began to slam, face first, into the mountain-side. The first couple of impacts destroyed the city atop his back. People might have been willing to rebuild, if he’d ever stopped.

No one resides on Tagot now. A few have tried to reclaim the space, hoping to be able to endure the lurching and smashing. For some living atop a wretched Shamble is better than living in the Wastes. But few can stay on Tagot for long. The slamming and noise is just too violent and relentless. Especially after the avalanches started.

Shamble Tagot

Acolytes of the Arks and warlocks with an affinity for the Shambles have an interest in Tagot. They see him as either sick or on a mission and in need of assistance. But those Acolytes and warlocks who go visit him are never the same afterward. They speak incoherently about hearing voices. Some say there is nothing but static and cacophony where Tagot’s mind should be. Whatever they experience, they can often be caught staring in the direction of Tagot even years later.

Mountains of Sorrow

Tagot has made significant headway over the years. The mountains are giving away to his implacable, constant assault. But the going isn’t easy. Avalanches have become frequent in the area, and rockslides happen almost constantly, as rocks in the upper mountains crack and crumble under the attack. The rockslides fill the space Tagot has just cleared, so that he must ground the rocks to dust to continue.

An Imperial fort was once located nearby under the mountain, but it has since been abandoned. The dark elves were tired of the disruption and grew worried that Tagot would eventually reach them. Only a small band of elves remains to watch over Fort Marastil to report back on any events and to keep out scavengers.

Adventurers and Raiders

From time to time, someone thinks he has figured out the reason for Tagot’s change and goes to test his theory. Because of this, there are regularly small bands of well armed people all over the area, hoping to gain control of a Shamble’s back or to loot the corpses of those who would.

Tagot’s Land

Shortly after Tagot began to burrow into the Mountains of Sorrow, people thought they could move into his domain and reestablish a sedentary civilization. Many were excited by the prospect.

Shortly after a number of small villages cropped up, though, Gaena and Mandith both began to roam the area, crushing things in their wake. They seem to have expanded their areas to divide Tagot’s land between them, trod ding upon peoples’ hope for a place to rebuild.