State of the blog

I wanted to share a few of my thoughts on the blog.

I think the campaign setting is coming along nicely, and each day it feels a bit more real to me. I think Age of Shambles is an interesting idea that can host a number of stories that will feel different from other campaign settings.

One thing I don't know that I made clear enough—this is all very first draft, which means there are likely to be changes. I'll highlight these changes as they happen, so they shouldn't be much of a surprise. But As I come up with new ideas or new twists on old things, I will update the blog and integrate the new ideas with as little disruption as possible.

Changes can occur based on feedback, too. This host doesn't have a great mechanism for feedback. I'm looking to switch hosts in a couple of weeks. Until I work out my hosting situation, the best ways to get in touch with me are on twitter @BartHennigan or at my email: age (dot) of (dot) shambles (at) gmail (dot) com.

And, because I've been asked, yes, I know what caused the Shambles in the first place. And, no, I'm not telling. At least for quite some time.