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Age of Shambles

Age of Shambles is a blog and site where I am building a campaign world piece by piece. As I explore this new setting, I post my findings here for others to read and use.

I focus almost entirely on story, with very little focus on rules, which makes Age of Shambles useful for many different RPGs. At home, I am using the playtest rules of the most popular RPG in the world, so what I write here is influenced by that. I see no reason other editions, or other games couldn't be used.

A Work in Progress

Everything I'm doing here is first draft level. There will be contradictions as I go on. Once I've written a good bit, I intend to come through and edit some things together, remove as much of the contradictions as I can, and make it all more cohesive.

Until then, we can assume the contradictions have to do with miscommunication and the difficulties of life on Vernlarum.

Player vs GM info

So far what I've put on the site is good for general player knowledge as much as for GM knowledge. I will want to put some things up, though, that are for GMs only. When I get there, I will make it obvious.

I may even make a GMs only section, to help alleviate the temptation of players.